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Search Engine Optimization Process

The Search Engine Optimization Process is long. The results can take up to 5 months to start showing on the search engine results pages. The good news is that for the long run, this hassle can be very rewarding because like exercise, not too many people wants to do this but you will look good at the end!

Lets start laying out the foundation on what to expect when you want to start your SEO for your website.

Market Segmentation

Your website needs to have a focus. Focus mean that you need to have an specific group of people who you want to satisfy their needs, marketing point of view. For this reason, this is called market segmentation, we need to pick up a slice on the pie. Your company or website is recommended to focus in a segment. I will explain why here. When you want to serve all the market segments that you want, you need to have in mind 2 things, your budget and your line of products and services. More markets means that you need to spend more money to reach them. It is better to select a few keywords, a location and grow from there. This points brings us to the next important thing: keyword research.

Keyword Research

This means that your website SEO efforts should focus in 1 keyword. On the old days we could have the luxury to focus the SEO in 10 keywords or more, now starting with 1 is enough. What we want to find here is a set of keywords that have a high level of monthly searches in the search engines and a low competition for those keywords. This is becoming more and more like hunting for the Holy Grail believe it or not. There is a lot of competition in all the keywords that really can have results in the future!

There are online tools that we can use to determine your future targeted keywords. For example there is the keyword planner tool from Google.

Install Reporting Tools

We need to start measuring the new SEO techniques we are using. For this reason, we need to install code that we can track how many visitors are coming to your website. We will install google analytics to know all the parameters related to the visitors coming to your website.

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered byGoogle that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

With this tool we can:

For a better understanding on what Google Analytics can do, go to Get started with Analytics.

Analyze the content of your webpage

Content is king, content needs to be written not for search engines but for users. Same as I am doing here, I am writing this content for you. Your content should be:

Start Page Optimization

Page optimization means that we will ensure that all your webpages have the following points:

Link Building

This is a critical point for your website. This means that we need to get inbound links to your website from websites related to your business. For example, if your business is related to construction, we will thrive in excitement if we can get a link for a builder’s association that your company belongs to and point it to your website. This link will give “authority” value to your website and looked by google as a valid, stable company website.

Check Reports and Analytics

After doing all these changes we will meet on a regular basis to analyze how is the traffic doing. If more people went to your website after all these changes. We will use your advice because we will need to know if you got more calls. Also, we will watch the google analytics data from its reports. We will fine tune afterwards.

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