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Ecommerce Online Store Design

Shopping Cart Design for ASP or PHP

We will design your online store. You can choose a design from the template you like or let us do a custom web design, we make the database connection, plug in your products and start selling. No monthly fees ever! We provide a powerful shopping cart software solution that can be customized to our client's needs. You can choose a template ready to use or we can design the website from scratch.

How our shopping ecommerce online store design works:

Shopping Cart Software

The software that we use is set up to provide a powerful low cost ecommerce shopping cart software solution.

You choose the design from a template or we can design a custom online store website for you .We will take care of installing the shopping cart software for you. Then you are ready to populate your store through the online control panel.

You will choose the payment provider you want to work with, with this online ecommerce store shopping cart software there are no monthly fees.

Choose a design from our templates or we will build a custom web design for you.

There are over 40 design templates for online stores available, we can help you choose one. You can choose whatever template you want. Also, we can design a full custom website with the shopping cart software included and ready to sell products. With this shopping cart software you can update your online store on the go. You just need a browser, pictures, description of your products and you are ready to go. The admin section of the online store is securely protected by username and password.

What is the cost of the shopping cart software?

The regular price is $149 if you decide to use one of the templates. The set up fee is $199, then you can start to upload your own products on your own or we can assist you in that manner for $2 for each uploaded product.

You may also decide to have your own custom shopping cart design. We can help you with a custom website with an integrated shopping cart. Price will vary depending on how many pages you want to include in your design and if you want to include animation, video or other custom features. The complete design and shopping cart software included is about $548 plus $99 for each additional page you want to include.

What do I need?

Besides the shopping cart software you will need a hosting provider. We are a hosting provider supporting in full all the requirements that the shopping cart software needs for correct performance. This software is integrated with the major credit card processing gateways, such as PayPal, Google Checkout, authorize.net and many more. You will have to choose a payment provider. The final price of the set up may vary according to your choice of payment gateway provider. PayPal is currently the most economical.

How do I get started with the online store?

The shopping cart software is available as a download ready to use after purchase. We will take care of the set up. You will have to provide us with the products, description products, images if you want us to upload the products. This option is recommendable because we have expertise in the field and we will be saving you time and ultimately your money.

The shopping cart software includes:

Please fill the contact us or give us a call at 713.826.1149 and feel free to set up a meeting for further discussion of your needs, expectations and budget. We encourage face to face meetings especially at the beginning and during the revisions of the website.

About the ecommerce template software

The shopping cart templates are designed to help you get a well designed ecommerce website up and running in matter of days. We will tweak the design to your needs. However, we also provide a custom shopping cart design according to your needs.

We will also take care of all the technical details if you want to host your website in our servers, this option is highly recommendable to shorten the design and deployment project time.

Features of the shopping cart


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General Features of the Shopping Cart Design

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