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I Love Doing Websites Incorporated provides search engine optimization services. We do the following services:

Search Engine Optimization Services

A good web design scheme is not sufficient to put your website up in the search engines. Your website needs the search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization has two faces:

Web page Search engine Optimization

Web site search optimization means that your page is easy to download, has all alt attributes for images, there are no dead links, you have a sitemap, there is the correct composition in your text using attributes like <h1> and so forth.

Search Engine Optimization outside your website

This is perhaps the most important and difficult part of the SEO. We need to create links pointing to your website. This means, we need to contact other websites and tell them that you need a link in their website pointing to your own website. The more links you have the better for your search engine position. Build links can take many months to do. Search engine optimization is not a science it is an art mixed with science. We cannot guarantee results unless we adventure ourselves in the world of black hat search engine optimization. The black hat search engine optimization is not recommendable, you will have results but in a few months your website will be banned and you will have to suffer watching your visits per day from thousands of clicks a day reduced to zero. Please read the following article: What's an SEO? Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?

We like to meet with people, sit down and offer the best affordable solutions for your budget.

We listen, we analyze, we design and develop, we implement, optimize and bring it home. And we would not stop ever!

We are not the only web design company in the world or even in Houston, and we do not consider ourselves the best of them but we strive everyday to give the best web design service and the best customer service at the best web design price. Contact us today for more information or feel free to request a no-obligation quote.

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