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Search Engine Optimization Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization is the term used in reference to the procedures to get your website to the first page of google. There are 2 ways to get your website listed on the first page. 1) Paying google a fixed amount a month for advertisement 2) have your website listed on the Organic results page: this takes longer and requires a series of steps to put the website on the first page, the steps are listed below:

How To Place A Website In The Organic Results

There is the white hat and the black hat ways of doing this. The black hat is cheating, cheaper, faster but in a month or two Google will find out and the website will be banned from the search engine results. For the white hat, these steps are recommended by Google:

  1. Create a Sitemap
  2. Create a Sitemap in XML format and upload it to Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Create an account on Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Create an account on Google Analytics
  5. Create an account on Google Places to list the website
  6. Submit your website to Google for consideration
  7. Create an account for Google website console
  8. Add reviews of the website services on google reviews

On the other hand. Google number 1 recommendation is that a website that wants to be listed in the first page needs to have quality of content.

Quality content means articles, histories, recommendations, and suggestions, about the services/products that the website offers. This content needs to be original cannot be copied from other websites.

Quantity of content is also a big consideration for Google rankings. For example, one of the competitors for the keyword “travel medicine Houston” www.passporthealthusa.com has around 60 pages just by saying something approximate. Probably this website has more than 60 pages. The website that wants to be listed on top of this website in google needs to have more than 60 pages. That is how google ranks websites. It makes sense more content more time and money invested in the website. That means that the website owners are a company that means business.

Inbound Links

Other important factor is how many links are pointing to your website. These are called inbound links. The website should be listed in other webpages related to this area. What typically is being done is contact the owner of other websites and offer a link trade. You put a link on your website that goes to our website and we will put a link to your website in ours. The issue in this point is that is hard to get links from other websites because we need to first contact, then see if the other webmaster wants to put a link and then put a link in our website, it is a lengthy process.


Another way to list your website is to pay to google a monthly payment. The amount invested will affect the times the ad is being displayed and the amount of times the ad is clicked. A click means that somebody visits your website when sees the ad. The next page has the data of this month about the ads displayed.

Looking at the report the best keyword was vaccinations, 61 people click on the ad for vaccinations, 7242 people looked for vaccinations. The cost for each click is $4.23 for being in the first page. Currently the keyword is set for $3.90 meaning that this ad was not displayed all the time and was not displayed on the first page.

If we have a budget of $300 a month and we dedicate all the budget to this keyword only, showing up the ads only on business days, we are expecting to have $300/$4.23- 71 clicks a month, meaning 70 visitors in a month.

The most expensive and competitive keyword is travel vaccines $6.76 per click. Therefore, $300/$6.7644 visitors in a month.

In total this website had 97 visitors this month, they came from different keywords listed on the report.

See graphic below:

Pay-Per-Click Budget

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