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Graphic Design

All companies regardless of industry type at some point will need a vendor to provide graphic support services for their specific marketing campaigns.

ILDW provides custom graphic design for our customers in the following formats:  

We can create the logo for your company as well as design business cards, postcards, presentation brochures and marketing posters and flyers.

Our work is to create the custom artwork and camera ready design work and then you choose your printing company and or we can recommend several print shops that we know can produce very good quality work coupled with excellent customer service.

When we are hired to design for one of our customers we thrive by producing a cohesive brand image in all the marketing materials following the customer’s approved style, colors and corporate image.

Also we can create and design a “digital marketing newsletter” that can be emailed to your customers as part of a typical marketing program that when implemented properly can increase lead generation, lead conversion and ROI on any marketing campaign.

This digital marketing newsletter can be coupled with a monthly fee contract to update that allows the customer to make changes every month to highlight special sales of products and or services so contact our company and let us know what you want to achieve because we want to be the vendor that helps your company to achieve your sales goals!  

We provide custom newletter email blasts for helping you keeping in touch with your customers or reaching new potential business for you, we want your business to increase lead generation, lead conversion and ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Please, give us a call at 713.826.1149 or fill a form in our request a quote page and let us reach you. We love doing design and we want to be part of your efforts to make your vision a reality.

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