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Google Adwords Management

To understand the concept of Google Adwords management, we need to first to understand what the Google AdWords System is.

Google AdWords is the system that puts your website in the search results by paying Google a monthly fee. Google AdWords is marketing your website in the google ad results.

When you search for anything on Google there are 2 places where the results come up. The organic results and the paid results. Google AdWords puts your website into the paid results or sponsored links as Google calls them.

For a clearer picture see snapshot below.

SEM Example

Paid Results

The paid results work with the google AdWords account that we can manage. What we want is to maximize your budget and make those clicks convert into clients for you.

Google Pay-Per-Click

Pay per click means how much is the customer going to pay per click in the ad. If 100 people paying 1$ per click visit your website from the ad, the customers will have to pay $100 that day. What we do is set a monthly budget and divide that with the number of days you want it to show up. Then, we have your daily budget. With that daily budget we can forecast how many people will click on your ad. This will ensure that you will never be outside your budget.

This is the formula to calculate how much you want to spend in your marketing using Google AdWords.

Pay-Per-Click Budget

Monthly Budget

This is how much money you want to spend in a month using Google AdWords advertising.

Days Showing the Ad

The ad can be set up in a schedule. Only weekdays would be 20 days a month, or 31 or 30 days a month if daily.

Cost Per Click

This is an important factor to be considered. The cost per click is the amount of money one click spends when your ad is being visited. This amount of money can be calculated with the Google Adwords Keyword tool.

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