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Web Business Visibility

Business Visibility is part of the Search Engine Optimization strategy and the online marketing process. Using the business visibility package we will make sure that Google knows that your website is online. Afterwards, Google will include your website in their search engine indexes.

Creating a website provides visibility only to your customers who have your website address. An online marketing plan takes care of attracting new potential customers. We recommend not to let your website abandoned. Your website needs attention, fresh content and be maintained in regular basis. I Love Doing Websites provides these services to your company.

The Web Business Visibility Package offers the following services:

  1. Website submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  2. Install Google Webmaster tools
  3. Install Google Analytics
  4. Install Google Website Console
  5. Sitemap Creation on your website
  6. Sitemap submission to Google
  7. Google Places submission

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

It is highly recommended to manually submit your website pages to the search engines. When submitting your website, the search engines give no guarantee of placement of your page in any order in their search results.

Submitting your website to the search engines communicates that your website is online. Manual submission remains important to the search engines because they still offer tools to achieve this.

It is important to submit your website to different engines even if they are not popular. Other engines besides google still have millions of users that can generate precious traffic towards your website. When submitting your website to a search engine, it could take anywhere from two to three weeks to get indexed. Search engine optimization takes time. For this reason, the sooner you start with these steps the better for your website in the long run.

The following are some options to submit your URL to the most common search engines:

Google Website Submission

Google’s URL submit is very user friendly. You should go to Google’s web page for URL submitting. There you should type your URL, type in the message for ensuring you are not a robot and click the button that it says “add URL”.

Submit Site to Yahoo!

Yahoo has been powered by Bing since 2010. For this reason, you should submit your website to Bing. Submitting your website to Bing will also be submitted to Yahoo!

Submit Site to Ask

Ask stopped URL submission. Ask will crawl your website automatically.

At I Love Doing Websites, we will modify the robots.txt in order to allow all the search engine robots to crawl your website.

What is the Google Webmaster Tools?

Webmasters use Google Webmaster Tools to communicate with Google. Google Webmaster tools helps identifying issues such as: broken links, html improvements, infected malwares on your site, content replication, search crawl statistics and more.

Google Webmaster tools is free of charge.

Site Verification

The verification process helps Google determine that you are the owner of the website. There are several methods to verify your ownership. Some of the methods are more complicated than others. The method you choose depends on your preferences.

Methods to Verify your Site

HTML file upload. Google will give you an html file that later you np eed to upload to your server. Once uploaded you need to confirm to Google that the file has been uploaded. After this verification, you will have access to the GWT data and tools.

HTML tag. Sometimes the html file upload method will get stuck. The HTML tag is an alternative for site verification. Google will provide you with a metatag that can be inserted to the head of your homepage. This html tag has a number that it will identify your website and it will verify your ownership.

Domain Name Provider

If everything else fails this method promotes itself as the fastest method. This is fast provided that you have your hosting credentials in hand. Every host provider requires different methods of authentication. Google will give you detail instructions for different host providers.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the control panel of your new google webmaster tools account. This screen gives you a general idea of the health of your website.

Site Messages

This will display what googles sees as potential problems on your website. It is an excellent starting point to prevent and fix any problems you the site structure of your website.


This tool gives you the configuration of your account with google.

Change of Address

Essential tool to define the change of domain of your website. Several things can happen to your domain. Change of host providers, maybe you lost control of the domain, maybe your company has changed names or you purchased a better domain. This tool tells google that your website content is the same, the only thing that has changed is the domain name.

The change of address helps the google index to be updated more quickly.

Structured Data

Structured data is about microformats. Some information of your website is presented in a microformat. The microformat will classify your information into data. The structured data allows search engines to understand what the content is specifically about, allows users to see the value of a website before they click and visit your webpage.

HTML Improvements

Probably this is the first window that a new website master should visit. The GWT will display a list of issues regarding your html coding. For example, issues with: titles, description tags, non0indexable content, missing tags, duplicate meta tags and more. When you click on one of these errors you will get a detail explanation and you will get a list of pages where the errors has been detected.


One of my favorite tools. A site link is a list of links that will show up bellow your website description. It shows to the users the different categories your website has. Google will show the most important links on your page. Sitelinks cannot be inserted but they can be deleted or corrected from this panel. Google determines the sitelinks your site contains.

Search Queries

Here you get an overview of the terms customers have typed and then entered to your website. You will see the number of queries(searches), impressions(how many times your website was displayed), clicks(how many times your website link has been clicked).

Links to Your Site

These section has two subcategories: Internal links, and inbound links. The internal links show you what links you should correct when they are pointing to a missing page on your website returning in a 404 error page.

Internal Links

The number of pages your website contains.

Inbound Links

The number of links posted in other website than yours that point to your website.

Index Status

This is where you can track the status of your website within the Google index. This means how many pages does Google sees from your website. A great place to find out if parts of your website are blocked by a Googlebot or other type of code.


This section will show you how many sitemaps you have submitted. Sitemaps can also contain errors that will be visible using this tool. Here you can update, delete and insert more sitemaps. Sitemaps should be continuously updated when your website changes when you add more pages, delete pages or update the existing pages of your website.

Google My Business Submission

Google My Business puts your business in a geographical location. This helps your customers to situate your business in a map using Google maps.

Typically, your listing will show up with reviews, a call icon, directions, a share and a website icon. Also you will have another portion of the listing letting your customers know what is what you do, your address and your hours of operation.

Additionally, when creating a My Business Account we will create a Google+ account to let your customers view pictures of your business, make reviews and post updates.

Google My Business lets your users find you across devices. This means, that your customers no matter the device they are using they will be able to see all your information coming from Google listings inside the Google My Business account.

Connect with Customers

Another great asset of Google My Business is that Google lets you share your thoughts on it, you can share pictures, find people, make people follow you, respond to customer feedback and connect face-to-face with Google Hangouts.


The Error 404 page is a page where your clients are going to be directed when they click on a link that doesn’t send them to any working page.

The Error Form page is a page where the user will be redirected when something wrong happens when the user submits information using your contact form in your website.

Confirmation is a webpage that the user will be redirected when the user has successfully submitted any information using your contact forms.

Sitemap is the url for the sitemap itself.

Links is the page where the webmaster has the link swap program. It is important to have inbound links to your website. In this page the webmaster typically creates links that go to another webpages in exchange of links that direct the user to the webmaster page.

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