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Registering your domain is a very important part of your online business presence, you should register your domain now . The domain should contain the keywords of your category of your business. A domain name should be always registered in a safe please. A domain name should be always locked to prevent domain theft or black listing of your domain.

I Love Doing Websites Incorporated will give you technical assistance at the time you are ready to register your domain. We will give you for free our advise on selecting a good domain name with good keywords to increase your chances to show up in the lists of the search engines.

We can help you to register your domain name for free. We will create your account, give your username and password and direct you on how to check and change your registered domain settings.

We will give you:

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How does a domain work?

A domain name works like an address forwarding service.

All of your Web site content sits on a computer with a unique address. This is called an IP address. An IP address is made up of a series of numbers, such as Your domain name directs visitors to your site using this IP address.

We use domain names instead of IP addresses because most people find it easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.

What is a Name Server?

Name servers are the Internet's equivalent to phone books. A name server maintains a directory of domain names that match certain IP addresses (computers). The information from all the name servers across the Internet is gathered in a central registry.

This makes it possible for people across the Internet to access your Web site using a familiar domain name, instead of having to remember a series of numbers.

It usually takes about 4-8 hours for .COM and .NET domains and about 24-48 hours for all other domain extensions before name servers on other networks are able to access the information after the central registry gets it. This period is referred to as the propagation period.

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Besides setting up your Web site, there are a number of things you can do with your domain once you register it.

Sell it. Domain names can be a great investment. If you have registered a domain name that you are not using, maybe someone else can. Log in to your Account Manager and set up a For Sale parked page for your domain name. Don't forget to include your contact information.

Protect your brand online. The more domain names you register, the better. Prevent others from registering a similar domain name to yours—just to steal away your customers. What to do with all these names? Forward them to your main domain name.

Hold on to it. Maybe you haven’t decided what to do with your new domain name. Don’t worry – there’s no rush. You can leave it parked with us for the length of your registration.

Register your domain now

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